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Cat gets defensive when I try to walk past?

Yoo, so I've had my lil cat Monty for about 10 years. She's not the... 'friendliest' cat out there and can be a bit sensitive but we love her…

ASKED BY Member 1242825 on 2/23/15
TAGGED paranoid, defensive, aggressive, sensitive, growling, hissing IN Aggression


Cat has sensitive stomach?

I'm wondering if anyone has some answers for me about cats with sensitive stomachs? My cat Bojangles is a large cat (maine coon I believe) and is also…

ASKED BY Bojangles on 5/16/13
TAGGED food, sensitive IN Health & Wellness


How to treat a cat with dry skin?

Hi. One of my cats seems to have very dry skin. I'll explain the situation, it took a while to figure out what the issue was. He is 10 years old and…

ASKED BY Tigger on 2/13/13
TAGGED male, skin, sensitive, shedding, coat IN Skin Problems

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My daughter's male, neutered cat is laying in the bathroom in the corner. About every ten minutes he will let out a yaw?

About every ten minutes he will let out a pitiful yawl. I tried to pet him all the way down his back and he growled when I got to the hind quarters…

ASKED BY Member 1115945 on 6/15/12
TAGGED upset, growling, sensitivehindquarterarea IN Health & Wellness

Black Thorne

Does any one know of a cat brush that's good to remove shedding and is ok on sensitive skin?

My Neko Thorne is short haired at the shoulders and gets to be long haired at the belly. He also has a really fluffy tail uber long armpit hair…

ASKED BY Black Thorne on 9/11/11
TAGGED grooming, brush, shedding, help, sensitive, skin, sensitiveskin IN Grooming

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Has irritable bowel syndrome & really soft poo in her litter box but has started passing small round pellets everywhere?

Hello, My cat is about 18months old now and has a very sensitive tummy. The vet suspects it may be irritable bowel syndrome, she is just so…

ASKED BY Member 1048788 on 8/25/11
TAGGED poo, pellets, sensitivecat, ibs IN Health & Wellness


What wet food is good for a kitty with sensible stomach?

Both my kitties love wet food, but one of them has a very sensible stomach and the wet food upsets it. Is there wet food I could give her? Right…

ASKED BY Kiley on 9/23/10
TAGGED wetfood, sensitive, stomach IN Food & Nutrition

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