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My 19 yr old male has developed a large protrusion on his left side- he doesn't go to the vet- what should I do?

Pierre is very shy and after all shots and neutering has lived a happy, healthy, indoor life. 2 weeks ago this protrusion started. He's still eating…

ASKED BY Member 1230573 on 7/29/14
TAGGED seniorcat, growth IN Senior Pet

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My 16 yr old cat has kidney failure, I realize the end is near but, he is eating like he's starving?

It's crazy, he's eating everything, he's even stealing food off our dinner plates, he's never done anything like that. I have to feed him separate…

ASKED BY Member 1125524 on 8/13/12
TAGGED seniorcat, kidneyfailure, eatingissues IN Health & Wellness

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Will a cleaning help my cat's rotting teeth?

my senior cat's teeth are slowly rotting, wearing down and falling out. my vet prescribed antibiotics and said we should have his teeth cleaned. I…

ASKED BY Member 944017 on 6/25/12
TAGGED seniorcathealth, dental IN Dental Care


Is it totally insane to introduce a kitten (or two...) to a house with senior cats?

I've heard that introductions do take time and should be done slowly. But the rest of my household tells me it will be miserable, cats will be…

ASKED BY Kessie on 5/19/12
TAGGED adoption, kitten, seniorcats, introductions IN Socialization

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Where's the table that converts cat age intop equivalent human ages?

There used to be a table with cat ages converted to human ages. The one at our vet only goes to 15 years old, but my cat is 17 and there are many…

ASKED BY Delyte, Dark Angel, at Bridge on 5/14/12
TAGGED seniorcats, catage IN Health & Wellness


Switching food for senior cats?

My old lady cats are nearly 12 and 13 years old. I began to switch them onto higher quality food yesterday after learning more about cat nutrition…

ASKED BY Kessie on 4/16/12
TAGGED food, seniorcats IN Health & Wellness


Our senior cat is still not getting along with the our rescued cat. Its been 4 months now?

My senior cat Choopee is 14+ and 4 months ago we rescued a 5 week old kitten, Milo. He still tries to play with Choopee everyday, but he only gets…

ASKED BY Milo on 5/1/11
TAGGED seniorcat, hissing, growling, playing, newkitten IN Behavior & Training

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