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Vet wont vaccinate my 14 year old cat?

My 14 year old cat was just diagnosed as having hyperthyroidism. when she was in to see the vet. He said that when a cat reaches the age of 14 that…

ASKED BY Member 1236093 1 week ago
TAGGED novaccinationforseniorcat IN Senior Pet


My 14 y.o. cat just started transdermal hyperthyroid medication (methimazole,)?

and I'm wondering how fast it dries or if I have to worry about it rubbing off? We recently moved to a new apartment (a couple months ago) and…

ASKED BY Princess on 10/1/14
TAGGED methimazole, seniorcats, hyperthyroid, hyperthyroidism, transdermalmedication IN Medications

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My 19 yr old male has developed a large protrusion on his left side- he doesn't go to the vet- what should I do?

Pierre is very shy and after all shots and neutering has lived a happy, healthy, indoor life. 2 weeks ago this protrusion started. He's still eating…

ASKED BY Member 1230573 on 7/29/14
TAGGED seniorcat, growth IN Senior Pet

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Urinary tract infection, should my cat have difficulty peeing after having a catheter overnight?

My cat had a urinary blockage. He went to the clinic yesterday they kept him over night and inserted a catheter; the vet said that he thinks he should…

ASKED BY Member 1218749 on 3/28/14
TAGGED senior, urinarytract, catheter, postcatheter, peeingdifficulties IN Illness & Disease

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How can a cat get a cataract in 24 hours?

My senior cat already had slowly growing cataracts in both eyes, but suddenly this morning, one eye is completely opaque! I know it wasn't like this…

ASKED BY Member 891205 on 9/26/13
TAGGED senior, cataracts IN Health & Wellness

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My cat is 17 years old barely eats, is throwing up and has bloody diarrhea?

My cat is 17 years old, 4 lbs, and throwing up after eating. She has almost stopped eating all together and what little she does eat, she usually…

ASKED BY Member 1184697 on 8/8/13
TAGGED sick, throwingup, vomiting, old, senior, bloody, diarrhea, noteating, lossofappetite, dehydration, ill IN Emergencies & First Aid

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What could be causing my cat to vomit an extended time after eating?

Hi, I have a 10 year old cat that I adopted 1 year ago. He is an indoor cat and we have been feeding him science diet senior food for indoor…

ASKED BY Member 1153695 on 2/5/13
TAGGED food, vomit, senior IN Health & Wellness

Good Golly Miss Molly Mo McCud

Would a raised dish help my older cat eat more?

I'm Molly. I'm "about 10" (a lady never tells!) with early signs of kidney failure, and my carer is concerned that I might have something called…

ASKED BY Good Golly Miss Molly Mo McCud on 2/1/13
TAGGED seniorpet, arthritis, feeding, jointpain, eatinghabits IN Senior Pet

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