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Why is my cat screeching in pain when put down?

My cat (short haired domestic) was lost for 2 days and ended up coming back, without knowing about her injury my family was scared of her because…

ASKED BY Member 1137105 on 10/22/12
TAGGED brokentail, screaming, crying, cutecat, unhappy IN Health & Wellness

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My cat was stuck in my heater vent for 2 days. (heater off). She finally came out drooling crazy hissing screaming if i?

My cat was stuck in my heater vent for 2 days. (heater off). I couldn't get her out for anything. She finally came out today, sat there glaring at…

ASKED BY Member 1073876 on 11/29/11
TAGGED stuck, airduct, hissing, screaming IN Other Health & Wellness

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Why does my cat hiss and scream at me?

The other night I accidentally stepped on my cat in the dark. Now she hisses and does this ungodly high pitched scream every time I go within 5 feet…

ASKED BY Member 1041884 on 7/22/11
TAGGED hissing, screaming, hiding IN Aggression


HELP!! my 1 year old cat is screaming when he walks he has never done this before?

Shadow is hissing/screaming/crying any time he puts weight on his rear left leg he bit me today which he has never done before this is one day after i…

ASKED BY Shadow on 4/20/10
TAGGED leg, pain, screaming, wontbearweight IN Emergencies & First Aid

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My cat runs around growling and screaming and tries to literally climb walls?

I have a 10-month old spayed female cat who has periods of time where she'll run around the house growling and making a noise that I can only describe…

ASKED BY Member 969239 on 2/28/10
TAGGED growling, screaming, hyperactivity, constantmeowing, vocal IN Noisiness

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My cat ran out, OMG?

He is 4 years old and has been fixed. He has never been out on his own. his only out time is in the carrier to the vet. There is another cat here and…

ASKED BY Member 899593 on 10/10/09
TAGGED behavior, wantstogoout, notactinghimself, screamingandcrying IN Other Behavior & Training

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Vet suggests behavior specialist for CRAZY 1-year old cat who is SCREAMING/HISSING anytime he's approached?

Charlie has been strange since we got him. he walks funny and seems to lose his balance. he tries to jump at something and he's always off. unable to…

ASKED BY Member 830042 on 4/25/09
TAGGED screamingscaredhissing IN Health & Wellness

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My cat screams howls and hisses with seemingly no provocation and at all times of day and night, what is it?

About 2 years ago, I heard what sounded like two cats fighting in my apartment, when I investigated I found my single, then 3 year old cat running…

ASKED BY Member 775015 on 12/1/08
TAGGED hissing, growling, screaming, behaviourproblem IN Noisiness

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