Why is my cat completely avoiding his litter box suddenly?

Okay, so weve had my cat Graysen for almost 4 years and we never had a problem with him using his litterbox until about a year or so ago. A few…

ASKED BY Graysen 3 weeks, 3 days ago
TAGGED poopingpeeingskiddishscaredlitterbox IN Urine Marking & House Soiling

Guest Member Since

Why does my kitten freak out running crazy and popping on things?

My cat luna is about 6 months old about a month ago my fiance came home and she was so scared she ran away pooped on the rug and found her way to a…

ASKED BY Member 1215114 on 3/9/14
TAGGED aggressive, scared, pooping, hissing, running IN Behavior & Training

Bezalel Tiger

Scaredy cat with new small dog?

I took Bezal in when she was found abandoned at three weeks. She's a little 'slower' than the others, but very sweet. I have always wanted a dog but…

ASKED BY Bezalel Tiger on 1/7/14
TAGGED scaredcat, newdog, adjustmentprocess, hidingcat IN Bringing Your Pet Home


What do I do when one cat is terrified of the other?

My 2 cats have been best friends since they were kittens. The other night I heard them running around and loud meowing/yowling. They've done that…

ASKED BY Tinkerbelle on 12/7/13
TAGGED scared, attack, hide IN Behavior & Training


Kitty moved to a much bigger and noisier location -- Help?

We just moved our kitty to a new home. He'd lived in our old home (a small apartment) since he was three months old. He had a quiet home, beautiful…

ASKED BY Raphael on 9/30/13
TAGGED moving, noise, scared IN Other Health & Wellness

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My once loving cat hates me?

My cat was all tangled in a bag crying and struggling to get free, well of course I tried to help it, I got all scratched up, but she thinks I was the…

ASKED BY Member 1191035 on 9/22/13
TAGGED pet, hiss, scared IN Behavior & Training


Previously abused 12 yr old rescue cat was doing fine and all of a sudden is scared of me?

I adopted a stray cat last year who was living in my alley, got her medical treatment and eventually she came to be a very loving and affectionate…

ASKED BY Miko on 9/18/13
TAGGED fear, rescue, fera, lhissing, scared, help IN Fears & Phobias

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