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Cat Bites, hisses and runs away from me, swats draws blood, etc?

My cat is somewhat antisocial, and lately whenever I try to go pet her or pick her up she hisses and growls, swats at me, whenever I talk to her she…

ASKED BY Member 1055427 on 9/12/11
TAGGED claws, bites, hisses, runs, mean IN Aggression


Ack!I want my kitty,Katie,of six months that has never been in a plane before to be safe!Help?

Were moving to New Brunswick from British Columbia,so it might make her nervous.I dont want her to go in the cargo because ive heard it can…

ASKED BY Katie on 7/6/08
TAGGED kitty, plane, worried, newbrunswick, britishcolumbia, safe IN Air Travel