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Cat door dashing help?

I need some advice on breaking a door dashing habit. Last week my cat escaped and was gone for two days before i could find her. Saturday night she…

ASKED BY Member 764233 on 6/24/14
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Why is my cat always running away from me? What can I do to get her back to her sweet loving self?

She has always been a little skittish due to being a feral kitten. I've had her since she was 8wks old & now she is 10. She would run away when…

ASKED BY Member 1222148 on 4/13/14
TAGGED hiding, trauma, runningaway IN Fears & Phobias

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My in door/out door cat runs away from the house to go live at a neighbor's house. He doesn't want to stay here anymore?

I went on vacation for a week and left my cat and house in the care of my grandfather who stayed to watch both of them while we were gone. A couple…

ASKED BY Member 1123805 on 8/2/12
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My five year old cat is always running away from me when i try to pet her. why wont she let me pet her?

one time when i went on vacation for a week, my mom was taking care of my two cats, and when i came back home, my cat was hiding under my bed, and…

ASKED BY Kitty on 7/11/10
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