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My 9 month old female cat has not come home for 2 weeks will she come back?

ASKED BY Member 1152115 on 1/27/13
TAGGED femalecat, runaway IN Other Adoption & Rescue

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Can a safari cat defend itself from a raccoon dog or bobcat if it runs away or goes exporling if the door or window was?

If it has claws will it be okay to defend itself from those animals and Is there to called back my cat to come home like leaving it favorite treats or…

ASKED BY Member 1123977 on 9/17/12
TAGGED defendrunawayorcallingname IN Urine Marking & House Soiling

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I have to male brother cats, and we just got a female cat that had kittens. They do not get along. Female chases males?

2 Male brother cats (11 years old) Stray female with 1 month kittens do not get along female chases off males from food and area. males run away…

ASKED BY Member 1034482 on 5/20/11
TAGGED female, male, brothers, kittens, stray, fight, runaway, chase IN Aggression


Runaway cat, please help!... He is back thanks God?

I'm asking this on behalf of my parents, they have a cute male lovely grey cat who was adopted from the street by them almost 9 months ago. I've…

ASKED BY Gris,Kira&Lucy on 4/15/10
TAGGED runaway, lefthome, comeback, worry IN Other Behavior & Training