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My baby is sick. Runny nose?? Please help?

(Dexter: a year and a half) I noticed this morning that Dexter has a runny nose. He is breathing through his mouth, I have tried to get him to eat…

ASKED BY Member 1241389 on 1/24/15
TAGGED runnynose, sick IN Other Health & Wellness

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Kitten diarrhea possible worms?

I just adopted a 10 week old kitten. She's super playful and drinks and eats normal. But her stool is runny and yellow. We took her to the vet and…

ASKED BY Member 1234410 on 9/21/14
TAGGED diarrhea, runny, worms IN Health & Safety

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Cat door dashing help?

I need some advice on breaking a door dashing habit. Last week my cat escaped and was gone for two days before i could find her. Saturday night she…

ASKED BY Member 764233 on 6/24/14
TAGGED door, dashing, escaping, runningaway IN Other Behavior & Training

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Why is my cat always running away from me? What can I do to get her back to her sweet loving self?

She has always been a little skittish due to being a feral kitten. I've had her since she was 8wks old & now she is 10. She would run away when…

ASKED BY Member 1222148 on 4/13/14
TAGGED hiding, trauma, runningaway IN Fears & Phobias

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Why does my kitten freak out running crazy and popping on things?

My cat luna is about 6 months old about a month ago my fiance came home and she was so scared she ran away pooped on the rug and found her way to a…

ASKED BY Member 1215114 on 3/9/14
TAGGED aggressive, scared, pooping, hissing, running IN Behavior & Training

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After recovering from a cold last month, kitten has caught a cold again! Please help?

Hi! One of the kittens at our home has caught a cold again! Actually all of them caught and recovered in 2 weeks. And this kitten was ok till…

ASKED BY Member 1209830 on 1/16/14
TAGGED cold, lossof, fur, runnynose, wateryeyes, kitten IN Health & Wellness


Wheezing and grunting when I purr?

My owners took me in a few months ago when I was a stray. They are worried about me because I wheeze and grunt a little but when I am purring. I am…

ASKED BY Momo on 12/5/13
TAGGED wheezing, grunting, purring IN Health & Wellness

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