My cat has some weird phobias?

My cat has a weird phobia of some sort. She doesn't like to walk on rugs, step on blankets, or even step on people while they're laying down. She'll…

ASKED BY Kora on 1/23/15
TAGGED phobias, persiancat, weird, rugs, blankets IN Fears & Phobias

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Why is my cat pooping in box at times and at times pooping on rug?

I keep my 5 year old cat's litter very clean at all times. In the last couple months sometimes she pees and poops and the box and other times she…

ASKED BY Member 1145831 on 12/18/12
TAGGED whydoesshesometimespoopinboxandothertimespooponrug IN Urine Marking & House Soiling

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My cat pees on throw rugs, clothes, plastic bags, pillows, blankets, if they are lying on the floor?

He has been to the vet and there is no physical reason for him to pee on anything that is lying on the floor. No change in food or litter. He still…

ASKED BY Member 1130329 on 9/11/12
TAGGED peeing, rugs, clothes, plasticbags IN Behavior & Training

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Package of discounted Wellness cat food is 1/3 crumbs. What can I do with the crumbs so I can feed them to my cat?

Asking for ideas here. I bought a huge bag of Wellness gluten/wheat free cat food recently for pennies on the dollar. It's really good cat food but…

ASKED BY Member 1130037 on 9/9/12
TAGGED food, recipes, treats, frugal IN Pet Food

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Cat doing his business is places where he shouldn't (usually carpets, towels, or the sink)?

He's three years old, a bit of a chicken-cat, fixed when he was a few months old. He seems to get like this during the summer season. It may or…

ASKED BY Member 1118511 on 7/1/12
TAGGED towelsrugssinktubpeepoop IN Urine Marking & House Soiling


My cat scratches the rug and climbs on the table. How can I stop this?

My 3 year old kitty suddenly thinks its okay to climb onto the dining table and scratch the rug. I really want her to stop. Is there anything I can…

ASKED BY Thumper on 2/25/12
TAGGED scratching, jumping, table, rug, clawing IN Scratching

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Would you consider it "inhumain" to make a rug out of your cat?

i have an extreemly fat cat named nelson.i love him very much and would never ever hurt him.hes a grey tabby mixed with soething else and he is very…

ASKED BY Member 1010404 on 11/2/10
TAGGED humain, cat, inhumain, cat, rug, skin, large, fat, cat, taxedermy IN Humane Education

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