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Help family member with cat problems. Health issues but owner wont do anything about them. I dont know what to do. Help?

I am 20 I live with my grandmother and my two aunts the room I share with my cousins frequently is a hangout for there two cats which wouldn't be a…

ASKED BY Member 1247428 on 6/1/15
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How badly will my roommate suffer from allergies to my cat?

I'm moving in with my boyfriend potentially, who lives in the basement of a house shared with 3 other boys. All the other boys live upstairs and one…

ASKED BY Member 1120940 on 7/16/12
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Should I take my cat on an overnight trip in order to introduce him to his new kitty roommate?

I am planning to move in May to a house about three hours away. The girl I am living with already has a cat. She wants to introduce our cats. She…

ASKED BY Member 1103729 on 4/2/12
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Moving into a new house with my indoor only cat, but my new roommate has indoor/outdoor cat. How do I keep my cat in?

Hi! Here are the details: My cat is 20+ years old, spayed female, declawed front paws, wears a collar, not micro chipped, and is STRICTLY indoors…

ASKED BY Member 1101009 on 3/19/12
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How long should it take for my 6mos old kitten to adjust to new roommate?

Yesterday my old roommate returned after being out of country since before I adopted Zoey, she is a very well socialized, friendly kitten that…

ASKED BY Member 1077347 on 12/13/11
TAGGED newroommate, kitten, shyness IN Socialization

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My cat won't let anyone but me near him- not even my roommates who feed him while I'm out of town. How can I help him?

My 2-year-old male cat is super cuddly. He used to love people when I first adopted him as a kitten. Then I went on a 3 week trip and left him with my…

ASKED BY Member 1042879 on 7/30/11
TAGGED trauma, roommates, anxiety, fear IN Separation Anxiety