Where can I get a pair of wings for my Zsa Zsa who passed on June 7, 2014?

When my Romeo passed, someone made him a pair of wings for the Rainbow Bridge. My Zsa Zsa since passed on June 7, 2014. Is there anyone out there…

ASKED BY ZSA ZSA "In Loving Memory" on 6/27/14
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Angie' Love' Cat ~~*~~

Angie Love Cat crossed the Rainbow Bridge on the 10th of May she was 20yr old `I did tell you`Thanks`?

I did write and tell you but you must not have got my email`

ASKED BY Angie' Love' Cat ~~*~~ on 7/16/13
TAGGED rainbowbridge IN News & Events

Mr. Michael Whiskers

How to calm my cat during a 12 hour car ride?

I have to move and my cat hates car ride. He freaks out. I need tips about how to calm him down during the 12 hour car trip. Thanks, ~Gwen :3

ASKED BY Mr. Michael Whiskers on 9/24/12
TAGGED car, rides, scared IN Car Travel

Guest Member Since

Where can I get a Pixie-Bob kitten in Ridgewood,Queens,NYC?

ASKED BY Member 1082877 on 1/8/12
TAGGED pixiebob, eg, kittens, ridgewood, queens, newyorkcity IN Other Kittens


How do I get rid of all my Catster friends?

They are plugging up my page and irritating me. I do not wish to have anyone "friend" me. How can I disable this?

ASKED BY Harvey on 10/11/11
TAGGED get, rid, of, friends IN Feline Friends

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Do cats grow a winter coat in florida?

We are moving to florida from new jersey and wanted to know if the cats grow a winter coat like the do in new jersey winters? Will they shed like they…

ASKED BY Member 1026959 on 3/17/11
TAGGED wintercoats, shedding, floridawinters IN Other Grooming

Mr. Big (Angel)

How do I make a rainbow bridge for my dead cat?

My old cat Mr. Big passed away a few months ago and it's really sad. However, I would like to create a rainbow bridge for him. Please help.

ASKED BY Mr. Big (Angel) on 8/28/10
TAGGED rainbowbridge, mrbig, deadcat IN My Account

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How do we fix an area of our yard that's a breeding ground for roundworms?

Just found out yesterday one of our cats has roundworms. He's quite the hunter. We subsequently treated both our (indoor/outdoor) cats w/meds, another…

ASKED BY Member 969969 on 3/2/10
TAGGED cat, cats, worms, roundworms, yard, litter, feces, eggs, larvae, disinfect, ascarid, ascarids, toxocara, cati, toxascaris, leonina IN Health & Wellness

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