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My cat has been attacking my dog and my dog has been fighting back. We separated them but need to reunite them. How?

They have lived together for 9 years peacefully. My dog is 14 and we want to bring her home with us. We are fearful though that the fighting will…

ASKED BY Member 1155512 on 2/16/13
TAGGED aggression, attack, reunite, dog IN Behavior & Training

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My stray is an adult and I know she was a house cat. I bought her own litter box and she uses it, but not always. How ca?

How do I reintroduce litter box to my new stray. She has her own box, and has done her business in it. In the last 2 mornings however I have found…

ASKED BY Member 1153871 on 2/6/13
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Advice please! Will be reacquainting with my cat who is very shy. Suggestions?

I suddenly became very sick last spring and had to fly to another state for life-saving treatment. This unfortunately caused me to be away from my cat…

ASKED BY Panda on 12/8/08
TAGGED reunite, separate, shy IN Separation Anxiety