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Does my cat have a respiratory infection?

I have noticed sneezing and wheezing in my 2 year old cat, Georgia. She also has some weird clear liquid coming out of her eye. I have seen the liquid…

ASKED BY Member 1236002 on 10/20/14
TAGGED respiratory, infection, disease, cat, eye, eyes, watery, watering, sneezing, wheezing, sneezes, wheezes, pet, years, symptoms IN Illness & Disease

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How can I help my cat who suffers from chronic upper respiratory infection?

My rescued kitten had pneumonia, followed by a major bout with the caleci virus after a trip to the vet for the pneumonia. She was in isolation for…

ASKED BY Member 1187386 on 8/27/13
TAGGED chronicupperrespiratoryinfection, calecivirus, breathingdifficulties IN Other Health & Wellness

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My cat has URI but is allergic to meds. Vet says to wait it out. Should I get another vet?

I adopted a Siamese mix (chocolate point) from the SPCA on Friday. She came home with a upper respiratory infection (my previous kitties have had them…

ASKED BY Member 1143557 on 12/4/12
TAGGED upperrespiratoryinfection, kittens, siamese, cold, flu, allergy, antibiotic IN Health & Wellness

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Anything we can do at home to help kitten's upper respiratory infection (something that is SAFE, won't harm the kitten)?

My 8 month old kitten had what seemed to be an eye infection a little while ago. Took him to the vet, they ran some tests, said it was likely an eye…

ASKED BY Member 1085325 on 1/17/12
TAGGED upperrespiratoryinfection, eyeinfection, homeremedies, kitten IN Other Health & Wellness

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My female cat of 13yr has recently begin what sounds like snoring or grunting/whimper sound when she sleeps and now awak?

She now makes the sound lying awake.Also noticed an increase in volume as well as frequency of water intake.Some times 15/20min apart. Weaker than…

ASKED BY Member 1075301 on 12/4/11
TAGGED breathing, weakness, excessivewater, respiratory IN Senior Pet

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Kitten with a URI...Duration? Warning signs to go back to vet?

I got my little kitten about a month ago. She was sneezing dry sneezes when I got her (vet was aware of this during the first round of shots). A…

ASKED BY Member 1072728 on 12/3/11
TAGGED uri, kitten, respiratory, chapped, nose IN Health & Wellness

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How long can it take a cat to get their normal voice back after having laryngitis?

My two-year-old spayed female DSH had a head cold in early March and totally lost her voice. The vet said it would come back on its own. She got…

ASKED BY Member 982966 on 4/22/10
TAGGED laryngitis, upperrespiratory, cold, voice IN Health & Wellness

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My cat has chronic respiratory infections. Her eye has a clear discharge and she has a runny nose?

I have already taken her to the vet at least twice with this problem. And after a shot of antibiotics, she won't take them any other way, she gets…

ASKED BY Member 352724 on 2/27/10
TAGGED respiratory, allergies, stuffynose IN Illness & Disease

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