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Cat recently diagnosed with CRF?

I am new to this. I took my cat the the emergency vet last Sunday because he suddenly stopped eating and drinking and started vomiting up foam. They…

ASKED BY Member 1049926 on 7/27/15
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Shall I add a friend for my "Duke" who has renal failure? He is an only cat right now?

Duke is a Snowshoe who is a very special friend for me. We are deeply bonded, but he was with other cats and dogs when we adopted him about 18…

ASKED BY Member 1248366 on 6/20/15
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My cat was recently diagnosed with end stage kidney failure and will not eat anything but friskies..…

A few weeks ago is noticed my 3 year old cat looked and was acting very sick. I took him to the vet and she tested his blood and said he had barely…

ASKED BY Member 1201149 on 11/24/13
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How do I treat a cat with Chronic Renal Failure for fleas?

My cat has stage 2 CRF and has fleas. She is allegic to them so this is a big thing (think hair loss). I bombed the house for fleas and it helped a…

ASKED BY Liberty on 12/29/09
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Help requested for senior 15 y.o. cat with polycythemia - opposite of anemia - & high blood pressure?

Hello and thanks in advance. My 15 year old cat was diagnosed with a kidney tumor nearly 2 years ago. This is causing a high Red Blood Cell count…

ASKED BY Oberon 1993-2009 on 9/24/08
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My cat is in early stage CRF. Is a raw food diet preferable to others? He only wants friskies poultry platter?

A nutritionist told me raw food is a world apart from the protien in canned food. I dropped the ONE dry food all together, and I'm mixing a raw…

ASKED BY Member 726844 on 9/4/08
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