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I am moving for a month to my male cat to my parents house where my first female cat lives?

So some years ago while I was living w my parents I adopted Luna. Since I left my parents house she got really attached to my dad but no longer care…

ASKED BY Member 1191517 on 11/26/13
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Cat needs a companion - do a add a kitten, or relocate a former friend?

So here's the back story behind it all: I have a 7 year old red point Siamese cat whom I took with me when I went off to college recently due to…

ASKED BY Rusty on 5/22/13
TAGGED lonely, relocate, moving IN Separation Anxiety


HELP! I have to move across the country with my 2 kitties ... advice?

I have to move for work and will be relocating from FL to MI this summer. I don't know which way is best for transporting my 2 kitties. Professional…

ASKED BY Panda on 6/9/10
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