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I've taken a stray into my home & after about a month he started being extremely agressive towards my original two cats?

Its been 6 months now. I cannot let him be w/the others, so he stays in a spare bedroom where I've installed a screen door. I think its unfair for him…

ASKED BY Sweet Pea on 11/15/12
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Hairballs, anal glands, and possibly re-homing, even though I really don't want to?

When I adopted my two longhaired tortie kittens from the humane society five months ago, I thought I was getting two normal, healthy cats, but they…

ASKED BY Member 1097267 on 3/4/12
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How do I get my husband to understand how important my six cats are to me? He wants me to find homes for three of them?

We have enough money and space for the cats and I love them all dearly but he thinks that they're too much. This is tearing us apart because he…

ASKED BY Member 421697 on 1/8/08
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