What should I do for my cat's 1st birthday?

My cat Tigger is turning 1 on Febuary 9th, which also happens to be the same birthday as my daughter who is turning 8. I already got my daughter's…

ASKED BY Tigger on 2/2/13
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Package of discounted Wellness cat food is 1/3 crumbs. What can I do with the crumbs so I can feed them to my cat?

Asking for ideas here. I bought a huge bag of Wellness gluten/wheat free cat food recently for pennies on the dollar. It's really good cat food but…

ASKED BY Member 1130037 on 9/9/12
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Jasper Sunny Marty Tillman

What are some pretty good homemade recipes to give to a kitten or cat?

I want my kitten to be satisfied and want to make him feel like he's eating at a fancy restaurant, and I like to cook! so you have any recipes

ASKED BY Jasper Sunny Marty Tillman on 7/2/09
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Does anyone else out there make their own cat food?

I've been making my own cat and dog food for a while now. I"m just wonderiing if anyone else out there does it too and if they have any recipes they…

ASKED BY Loki on 1/20/09
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