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What is causing my kitten to throw up? Is it the raw?

I have two kittens that I bottle fed since they were two days old. They were born July 28 and I put them on raw food a little over a month ago. They…

ASKED BY Member 1199401 on 11/14/13
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Should I feed a raw meat diet to a cat who will be around small pets?

I want to feed my 3 month old kitten a raw diet. Will this effect his behavior towards small animals in the house? I don't want to stimulate his…

ASKED BY Member 1157946 on 3/4/13
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Sally (Maddie)

I have recently switched my cats to a raw food diet, I'm making the transition slowly, adding kibble?

All of them except for Sally love it. I've tried mixing it with wet cat food, tuna, doesn't work. Tried sprinkling parmesan on top. She just…

ASKED BY Sally (Maddie) on 9/19/12
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Who all feeds their cats a raw diet?

I feed my cat a half cup of raw meat mixture twice a day with probiotics and here is my recipe 1lb ground raw beef 1lb ground raw turkey 2 egg…

ASKED BY Sebastian on 7/15/09
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