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Pimples on newborn kittens head?

Is it normal for around 8 days old newborn kitten to have bumps looking like red pimple filled with pus on her head? i found 3 so far what could it…

ASKED BY Member 1246564 on 5/12/15
TAGGED pimples, rashes IN Health & Safety

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Will an allergic reaction cause a cat to stop eating?

My 18 month old cat has a severe blisters inside his ears. We took him for shots, and the vet said he had a buildup of was in his left ear. He…

ASKED BY Member 1134164 on 10/4/12
TAGGED rash, appetite, hairloss IN Skin Problems

Black Thorne

Letting your cat investigate the trash. Encouraging a bad behavior? Harmless? Whats your opinion?

I recently watched a video, where they were allowing and slightly encouraging a kitten to stick its head in the kitchen trash bag and explore. I don't…

ASKED BY Black Thorne on 9/15/11
TAGGED trash, exploring, dangerous, opinion, behavior IN Behavior & Training

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Cat has rash and scabs HELP PLEASE?

Hi i have a cat that is allmost 1 year old. and my roommate has dogs that bring fleas inside with them when they go outside, and has givin my cat…

ASKED BY Member 1009795 on 10/28/10
TAGGED cat, rash, fleas IN Health & Wellness

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I have an adult,shorthair cat who has patchy bald spots under his chin, and it is all bumpy to the touch,he has no fleas?

I am wondering what this could be, and is it okay to put hydrocortisone on it?

ASKED BY Member 693896 on 8/25/10
TAGGED bumpyrash, baldpatches IN Illness & Disease


My sphynx kitty Julie has a horrible rasha nd litter box problems please heLP?

Julie is a almost 2 year old sphynx and has had this rash before we got her, we could have said no we don't want her but we didn't, we hoped that…

ASKED BY Juile on 8/2/10
TAGGED rash, sphynx, litterboxproblems, help, sores IN Skin Problems

Captain Jack

Cornish Rex has weird skin issues.…

Hi, I have a 7 yr old Cornish Rex who has some weird skin issues on and off. I've heard from several vets that cats with uncommon fur types (like…

ASKED BY Captain Jack on 8/1/10
TAGGED cornishrex, rash, itching, alergy IN Skin Problems

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