Where can I get a pair of wings for my Zsa Zsa who passed on June 7, 2014?

When my Romeo passed, someone made him a pair of wings for the Rainbow Bridge. My Zsa Zsa since passed on June 7, 2014. Is there anyone out there…

ASKED BY ZSA ZSA "In Loving Memory" on 6/27/14
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Angie' Love' Cat ~~*~~

Angie Love Cat crossed the Rainbow Bridge on the 10th of May she was 20yr old `I did tell you`Thanks`?

I did write and tell you but you must not have got my email`

ASKED BY Angie' Love' Cat ~~*~~ on 7/16/13
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Mr. Big (Angel)

How do I make a rainbow bridge for my dead cat?

My old cat Mr. Big passed away a few months ago and it's really sad. However, I would like to create a rainbow bridge for him. Please help.

ASKED BY Mr. Big (Angel) on 8/28/10
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Puff (Rainbow Bridge)

How and where do I obtain a 'Rainbow Bridge' badge for my page? I am a Rainbow Bridge kitty?

This cat's page is listed to show it as an example. http://www.catster.com/cats/340870

ASKED BY Puff (Rainbow Bridge) on 7/27/09
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Guest Member Since

One of my cats is now deceased and I want to change his status. Anyone know how to do this? I can't find anything on t?

Figured it out...thank you!

ASKED BY Member 141898 on 7/14/09
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