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Is it regular for a cat to die immediately after fighting ?

My 2 year old cat died immediately after fighting with another male cat(like 1 minute later) , I recognized his voice from the window, so I rushed and…

ASKED BY Member 1241010 on 1/18/15
TAGGED male, fight, rabies IN Aggression

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Vaccinations for 5 month old kitten (never before vaccinated)? Is it the same as if he were 8 weeks old still?

5 month old very healthy, happy kitten, good energy and appetite. He was rescued off the street at 3 weeks old, but none of the local shelters would…

ASKED BY Member 1131209 on 9/17/12
TAGGED neuter, vaccinate, fvrcp, felv, rabies IN Vaccinations

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Rabies & FVRCP vaccine reactions?

I need quick help. I took my 2 year old cat to the vet today to get his Rabies and FVRCP vaccines. About an hour later he was throwing up food…

ASKED BY Member 1120070 on 7/10/12
TAGGED vaccines, pinkvomit, rabies IN Vaccinations


How likely is it for a cat who was vaccinated against rabies to get rabies and die from it?

My cat was being treated for a head trauma by a local vet. He died a couple of days later, and now the vet thinks he had rabies. He was vaccinated…

ASKED BY Toby on 3/27/12
TAGGED rabies, vaccine, sick, cat, headtrauma IN Illness & Disease

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Does my cat have rabies?

My cat has been acting wierd. He went outside about 2 months ago and got in a fight with a cat or a dog and got a chunk of his skin bit or scratched…

ASKED BY Member 1074488 on 12/1/11
TAGGED catrabieshelpwhatswrong IN Health & Wellness

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Cat got out 3 days ago and came back day later. Has long cut on her head, not bleeding anymore. Afraid she has rabies D?

My cat got out 3 days ago and came back 2 days ago, but with a big, long cut on her forehead, about an inch and a half long. I'm afraid she has…

ASKED BY Member 1063046 on 10/12/11
TAGGED rabies IN Emergencies & First Aid


I caught my cats eating half a squirrel. I have no money for the vet.How much do rabies shots cost? Should I be worried?

My cats are outside cats and I caught them eating half a squirrel! I have no money to get them checked up at the vet! Please answer this question! I…

ASKED BY Pantera on 9/1/11
TAGGED rabiesshotscatsnomoney IN Other Health & Wellness

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Why would a kitten who has never been exposed to outdoors (except for on a porch) in his life need a rabies shot?

My kitten Socko has only been outdoors once in his life when I took him out on the porch with a leash for a few minutes in the Fall. Before then…

ASKED BY ♥ Socko ♥ on 12/28/10
TAGGED indoorcat, rabiesshot IN Vaccinations

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