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Quarantined kitten?

Hey Everyone! I have been fostering a kitten for about 5 days now, he has an upper respiratory infection, so I have to keep him quarantined from my…

ASKED BY Member 1185503 on 8/14/13
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Miss Diablo Gordita Crumb

Need advice on whether or not to keep a healthy kitten and make her a part of the family. Please read my concerns below?

I need some advice. I found a kitten a little over a month ago. I took her to the vet to have her tested because I have several cats in the house…

ASKED BY Miss Diablo Gordita Crumb on 8/16/09
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How do I resocialize my cat after quarantine? He was very friendly before but now fights all the time?

6 month quarantine; male siamese neutered; no other behaviour changes and very loving

ASKED BY Member 745296 on 10/1/08
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shyloh paige

Kitten got out and may have gotten 'friendly' paranoid should we be?

shyloh got out-roommate opened the door when she set off our oversensitive smoke alarm, said it wasn't open far enough for the cats to get…

ASKED BY shyloh paige on 4/7/08
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