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Is it normal for a 10 month old cat to weigh 6 pounds?

She is a female, she eats 3 times a day ( wetfood ) and always has hard food. She is NOT spayed.

ASKED BY Member 1080239 on 12/28/11
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My 1 year 5 month old female cat weighs 12 pounds is that normal?

Female kitty. 12 pounds. Spayed, and is an indoor ONLY cat. Gets fed 3 times a day wet food ( she shares with one other cat) and always has dry food…

ASKED BY Member 1080239 on 12/27/11
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Cat overeats and then vomits need help with weight loss. Poor Kennie is actually 20 pounds and only 5 years old?

My kitty Kenji seems to eat not stop, like every time he see's food he has to eat it. The food is constantly down and even though I'm eighteen I'm not…

ASKED BY Kenji on 7/12/09
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Don't you think it should be mandatory for all animals to be spayed/ neutered unless the owners are certified breeders?

Well, I do. There are so many irresponsible owners who "breed" their animals to; get money, see "the miracle of birth", or to let their animals be…

ASKED BY Libby on 3/27/09
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