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Are my cats playing or fighting?

So, we have two cats. One we got last November and one we got a month later. The one we got in November his name is Lenny. He is 3 years old. The…

ASKED BY Member 1152141 on 1/27/13
TAGGED fighting, playing, hiding, growling, hissing IN Aggression

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Why does my cat flip her head violently while playing?

My Cat has always been this way. When ever she would play with another cat or with a simple toy. My cat will flip her head violently. She isn't hurt…

ASKED BY Member 1145917 on 12/19/12
TAGGED black, tabby, cat, flips, head, violent, violently, while, playing IN Socialization


Why does he lick me?

I am just a little kitten, and I love to wrestle! However, my older brother never wrestles even when I bite him and kick him....he just licks me! My…

ASKED BY Khaleesi on 9/30/12
TAGGED playing, wrestle, kitten, affection IN Behavior & Training

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I need help with de-fleaing my two eighteen week old kittens URGENTLY?

My kittens are eighteen weeks old and I need help de-fleaing them,I need to know what things to use and how to use them,they love to scratch and…

ASKED BY Member 1133290 on 9/28/12
TAGGED mykittenseattopcatcatfoodanddrinkwaterandtheyloveplayingwitheachotherandtheyloveplayingwithsocksandoldpeicesofbandage IN Grooming

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Why Does My Cat Stand on Rear Legs and Wave Her Paws At me As I Walk By?

In the mornings when I am walking through the house the cat will run out from a corner and stand on her rear legs and start pawing at the air like she…

ASKED BY Member 1110385 on 5/11/12
TAGGED behavior, playing IN Aggression

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My cat is currently pregnant with one kitten, and my question is if its normal for her to be hyper and scratch and bite?

She's my first cat, and Doesn't scratch hard or bite hard, its all very gentle. She has mating calls every now and then, she does not hurt us, we know…

ASKED BY Member 1106900 on 4/21/12
TAGGED pregnancy, female, play, playing, scratching, kitten IN Pregnancy


How can I get my new kitten to get along and to be more sociable with me and my husband after a traumatic start?

My husband &I recently purchased 2scottish fold kittens from the same litter but were only able to take Hugo home first(at 11 weeks old) as Derek…

ASKED BY Derek on 2/28/12
TAGGED socialising, settlingin, newkitten, behaviour, handling, fear, trauma, hiding, playing IN Behavior & Training

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