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Will my cat cope well with someone else while I'm away for a few months?

I adopted my domestic shorthair female cat from the rspca and she's an Amazing cat. She's 2 years old and I've only had her for 3 months. We've…

ASKED BY Member 1231414 on 8/8/14
TAGGED holiday, vacation, trauma, change, personality, health, dsh, domestic, shorthair, cat, behaviour, aggression, aggressive, fear, scarred, emotional IN Aggression

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My cat suddenly turns aggresive every night and will even bite my family and I. Please help I'm worried about him?

I've had my cat ever since he was 2 weeks old. He's been sweet to everyone in my family, especially my brother and my dad. He's one year old now and…

ASKED BY Member 1217434 on 3/22/14
TAGGED aggressiveatnight, personalityswitch, personalitychanges IN Aggression

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Birman cross half persian?

Hi, I am looking to get a kitten! My parents have a birman and I absolutely adore the breed! I love the way he is so floppy, affectionate and…

ASKED BY Member 1166145 on 4/20/13
TAGGED birman, persian, personality IN Birman

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Cat behavior help!! Acts differently around others?

I have been living in an apartment with a cat for about five months now. Though she is not my cat, I have been treating her as my own and often…

ASKED BY Member 1139943 on 11/10/12
TAGGED bipolar, behavior, crazy, aggressive, personality, change IN Aggression

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What could have caused my orange Tabby from being bff's with my other cat one day to being worse enemies the next?

My 2 cats are best friends, they eat from the same bowl often at the same time, they sleep in the same bed, they groom each other. This past…

ASKED BY Member 1135344 on 10/11/12
TAGGED behavior, personalityissue IN Behavior & Training

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Siamese vs. Sphynx ?

Which breed should I get? I just want a very outgoing, sociable, playful kitty who will follow me around everywhere. The cat must also get along…

ASKED BY Member 1079641 on 8/13/12
TAGGED sphynx, siamese, vs, personality IN Breeds

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