My cat has some weird phobias?

My cat has a weird phobia of some sort. She doesn't like to walk on rugs, step on blankets, or even step on people while they're laying down. She'll…

ASKED BY Kora on 1/23/15
TAGGED phobias, persiancat, weird, rugs, blankets IN Fears & Phobias

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Adult male persian cat isn't acting quite right. He's very lethargic and un-energetic. What does this mean?

I dont have a cat but I live in an apartment building full of cats that frequent my place. There's a cat outside right now and all i know for sure…

ASKED BY Member 1174856 on 6/11/13
TAGGED persian, adult, male, lethargic, food, strength IN Illness & Disease

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Birman cross half persian?

Hi, I am looking to get a kitten! My parents have a birman and I absolutely adore the breed! I love the way he is so floppy, affectionate and…

ASKED BY Member 1166145 on 4/20/13
TAGGED birman, persian, personality IN Birman

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I recently adopted a pure bred Blue and white Persian. how do I enter her in a cat show?

both her parents are registered with CFA and have a long history of perfect features. What documents do I need to enter her in cat shows?

ASKED BY Member 1160870 on 3/24/13
TAGGED prebredpersian, blueandwhite, catshowdocumentation IN News & Events

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My cat who is in heat has aclearish brown very thin discharge in the fur around her vagina. She has also been licking it a lot. Is this just from being in heat/mating/licking it or something serious?

My 3yr Persian cat (whom I adopted and was told by a vet she was spayed) went into a silent heat, and I only found out after I caught her mating…

ASKED BY Member 1153055 on 2/1/13
TAGGED persian, vaginaldischarge, pregnancy, heat, mating IN Other Health & Wellness

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Which breed is for me? I'd like your opinion :) & Persian/Ragdoll?

I'm looking for a relatively small cat that will be a good cuddle mate for me. I live with my family but I want a cat that will be solely mine, like…

ASKED BY Member 1148504 on 1/6/13
TAGGED persian, ragdoll, britishshorthair, new, kitten, whichbreed, help, opinion, advice, size, friendly, cuddle IN Breeds

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