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Having a problem with my cat. She loves being inside and doesn't want back out but has started peeing everywhere?

Brought the outside cat that "adopted" my family inside because of the cold and she loves being inside. Doesn't try to get out, doesn't cry, and has…

ASKED BY Member 1212919 on 2/24/14
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My female cat who is 13/12 years old has started peeing just outside her litterbox a little less than once a day. What s?

She uses it for everything else, and will even go to the bathroom at any other time during the day inside the litterbox. We had one that was smaller…

ASKED BY Member 1196348 on 10/27/13
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My cat will hop in the litter box put pee outside. Any new strategies to get a cat to pee inside the box?

My cat has not peed regularly in the litter box since his first UTI he was about 1. He has had several UTIs since then. The Vet thinks he is just…

ASKED BY Member 1147414 on 12/30/12
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