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Some kind of paw infection/allergy? Help?

Hi everyone! I saw my cat chewing something on her right foot this morning. She has some nasty looking scabs/calluses on most of her front right…

ASKED BY Member 1242735 1 week, 2 days ago
TAGGED infection, paw, foot, callus, catlitter IN Skin Problems

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URGENT! I need a name for a male Tuxedo cat?

Later today we are adopting a male Tuxedo kitty at Petsmart named Boots, and we want to change his name to something less cliche. Please answer…

ASKED BY Member 1240453 on 1/26/15
TAGGED name, names, tux, tuxie, tuxedo, black, cat, white, paws, urgent, answer, petsmart IN Adoption & Rescue

   Toki Wartooth

Just wondering if anyone has an opinion on my cat's possible breed(s)?

She has slightly tufted ears (not on top so much, but inside), tufted paws, long thick fur, and a long fluffy tail. Her paws seems pretty small…

ASKED BY Toki Wartooth on 6/9/14
TAGGED breed, eartufts, pawtufts, longhair, darkbrown, blacksmoke IN Breeds


My cat keeps bleeding out of his paw, what treatment do I give him? I need help, ASAP?

It's a really, really deep cut. I tried everything and he just keeps bleeding. I need help, ASAP!

ASKED BY Ashy on 11/30/13
TAGGED pawblood IN Emergencies & First Aid

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Is declawing bad for cats?

Does declawing casue severe injury? After listening to this I am not sure…

ASKED BY Member 1157390 on 9/28/13
TAGGED declawingcats, pawproject IN Health & Wellness

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How should I resolve issues with my kitten stepping in her poop in the litter box?

We recently adopted a 4 month old kitten that was a stray. I have reason to suspect that she was taken from her mother early, and the adoption…

ASKED BY Member 1150223 on 1/15/13
TAGGED litterbox, dirtypaws, steppinginpoop IN Behavior & Training

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My cat got outside then came back with a swollen front arm? Please help me?

My cat got out 2 days ago and came back today. He has always been a house cat but he got outside yesterday and come back with a swollen front right…

ASKED BY Member 1143156 on 11/30/12
TAGGED cat, swollenarm, paw, cut, bite, swollen, limping, frontpaw, infection IN Other Health & Wellness

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Do cat paws get dirty from the litterbox?

So, I want to get a cat but I'm rather OCD and germaphobic. I planned it to simply be that I keep the cat indoors and groom it often and bathe it…

ASKED BY Member 1139287 on 11/5/12
TAGGED litterbox, dirty, paws IN Bathing

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