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My cat has started attacking me when I bring him in from a walk on his harness...PLEASE HELP?

Please help Booter has started attacking me. I take him out for fresh air..on his harness and when it is time to come in he is getting very…

ASKED BY Member 1224849 on 5/4/14
TAGGED outside, biting IN Behavior & Training

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I'm worried about my cat going outside.... We recently moved and I'm scared he will get lost?

He used to go out all the time at my moms, and he would always come home. Always. But now that we're at this new apartment, he wants to go out, it's…

ASKED BY Member 1221818 on 4/11/14
TAGGED insideoutsidecat, newhome, goingoutside, worried IN Other Behavior & Training


Kitten poos outside of litter box?

7mo old, male, very friendly, loves human interaction. Room is private. Litter box can be clean, dirty or In between, all variations tried. Will poo…

ASKED BY Oscar on 2/24/14
TAGGED outsidelitterfeces IN Urine Marking & House Soiling

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Having a problem with my cat. She loves being inside and doesn't want back out but has started peeing everywhere?

Brought the outside cat that "adopted" my family inside because of the cold and she loves being inside. Doesn't try to get out, doesn't cry, and has…

ASKED BY Member 1212919 on 2/24/14
TAGGED peeingoutsidelitterbox IN The Catster Website


My cat is always bored?

My bombay cat Miles has a ton of energy and he gets bored with all toys. Because he can't burn off his energy he takes it out on our girl cat…

ASKED BY Miles on 1/31/14
TAGGED aggression, energy, play, toys, outside IN Aggression

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Can I take my cat outside?

I read on the internet that it's bad to bring your cat outside because they can get diseases and what not. But I just wanna bring him to my…

ASKED BY Member 1196392 on 10/27/13
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My female cat who is 13/12 years old has started peeing just outside her litterbox a little less than once a day. What s?

She uses it for everything else, and will even go to the bathroom at any other time during the day inside the litterbox. We had one that was smaller…

ASKED BY Member 1196348 on 10/27/13
TAGGED peeingoutsidelitterbox IN Behavior & Training

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