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How can my cat be fluffy f the litter , mother , father or family of cats have never been fluffy ?

I have a cat at home named Dobby . He is very very fluffy but his mother is nothing of the sort . His sister and brother are beautiful cats but…

ASKED BY Member 1149890 on 1/14/13
TAGGED fluffy, noothercatstisway, how IN Grooming


How to help our cat adjust to a new house where two other cats used to live?

My male siamese has been neutered, but I'm still afraid he might spray in our new home, because two other cats used to live there.

ASKED BY Yoyo on 8/4/12
TAGGED newhome, spraying, othercats IN Behavior & Training

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My male cat loves boxes & something spooked him with his. Now he meows in fear & acts scared all the time. He is not the?

Our vet thought he might have heard something outside that scared him but it wasn't that it was something with his box. This has been going on for…

ASKED BY Member 1119726 on 7/9/12
TAGGED malecat, intensefear, desocializationwithothercatsinhouse IN Fears & Phobias

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Will a mother cat adopt another cats kittens?

My family found a kitten in our car.she is about 6 weeks old. We know her mother is a wild cat that lives next door. Now the same mother cat has moved…

ASKED BY Member 1108157 on 4/28/12
TAGGED kittens, wildcats, mothercats IN Shelters & Rescue

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My cat's mother is mean?

my cat's mother lives near our house, we tried to keep her wuth us but she wanted to stay in the street. once in a while, she comes to visit her…

ASKED BY Member 1043751 on 8/6/11
TAGGED mothercats, aggression, cats, disaffection IN Aggression

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How do I introduce a 5-10 week old male kitten to two 9 month old male brothers?

I have two brothers that are 9 months old and as close as can be. Last night I brought home a male baby rescue kitty (Jagger) and have been keeping…

ASKED BY Member 993959 on 6/24/10
TAGGED kitten, new, othercats, hissing, growling, socialization IN Other Behavior & Training

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The cat from next door stays at my back door all night scaring my cat from coming home. Any help?

The cat from next door is not vicious and looks really lonely. My cat hates her and is terrified to come home at night, sometimes hiding out in…

ASKED BY Member 979147 on 4/1/10
TAGGED othercats, night, scared, neglected IN Socialization

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