Nini Stephanie JoJo

Are some flea medications toxic?

I used a Costco brand flea control on my cat. It is a Kirkland product. My cat vomited and had diarrhea two days later. Could the cause be the flea…

ASKED BY Nini Stephanie JoJo 5 days, 21 hours ago
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Are those expensive cat trees actually worth it?

I've been looking into buying some more furniture for my kitty. She is currently only 6 weeks old, so if I were to buy one of those tall and complex…

ASKED BY Suzi 1 week ago
TAGGED furniture, beds, trees, condos IN Beds


What is the best food for my 6-week-old kitten?

I've been feeding Suzi 9 Lives Indoor Complete (dry food) simply because the previous owner whom I adopted her from had been feeding her this…

ASKED BY Suzi 1 week ago
TAGGED food, kittens, nutrition, suggestions IN Food & Nutrition

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How many grams of protein & phosphorus (min & max) should be in cooked homemade diet for CKD?

My cat has been on a prescribed COOKED homemade diet for two months. More energetic, playful, shiny coat, less dander, happy - but her creatinine…

ASKED BY Member 1229796 1 week, 3 days ago
TAGGED siamese, homemadefood, homemadediet, cookedhomemade, ckd, chronickidneydisease, oldercatdiet, proteinkidneys, phosphoruskidneys IN Homemade Food


Large ring-shaped sore on lower abdomen with irritated skin inside ring?

My cat has a large ring-shaped sore on her lower abdomen (near her vaginal area) with irritated skin inside the ring (pictured as her profile…

ASKED BY Grace 1 week, 5 days ago
TAGGED sore, ring, irritation, licking IN Skin Problems

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