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Spraying cats?

I have 5 cats, 3 female, 2 male, ALL desexed, ages ranging from 8-10 years. I have an issue with a cat (or more?) spraying in strange places. One…

ASKED BY Member 1180974 on 7/18/13
TAGGED oldercats, spraying IN Urine Marking & House Soiling

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I have two cats 1 of them is a Female and is only 1 year old, and the other is a male who is 3 years old They fight alot?

They fight The male is 3 years old and the female is 1 years old How can I stop them from fighting The female starts these fights

ASKED BY Member 1148448 on 1/5/13
TAGGED oldercatsfightinghowcanistop IN Kittens

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New baby (kitten) addition to the family; two older kittens are not happy by any means. Suggestions for how to proceed?

Hi, everyone! I've just adopted a 6 week old female tortoiseshell kitten yesterday and my two older kittens (brothers who just turned 1 year old) are…

ASKED BY Member 1125104 on 8/11/12
TAGGED newkitten, introducingnewkittentooldercats, behavior, hissing IN Behavior & Training

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I have a 10 year old female cat who is quite territorial. If we got a kitten how would she react?

She doesn't react well to strangers in her house. She doesn't have her front claws and its been just her here for the past 10 years. I don't want…

ASKED BY Member 1097029 on 3/3/12
TAGGED kitten, social, fighting, help, newpets, oldercats IN Aggression

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"New" Older cat won't come out of the bedroom. Resident younger cat wants to be social?

Two weeks and two days ago we brought Puss home. She is my husband's grandmothers cat, roughly 10-12yrs. We have Lily, a very sweet 2yr old. Lily…

ASKED BY Member 1019789 on 1/18/11
TAGGED oldercats, socialization, introducingnewcat, lonely IN Socialization

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Is kitten food bad for older cats?

My family just got two new kittens and we already have 2 eleven year old cats. We leave food out all the time and put kitten food in our bowls. Our…

ASKED BY Member 1017342 on 12/30/10
TAGGED kittens, oldercats, food IN Food & Nutrition

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