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Can you teach an older cat to play?

We adopted our 13 yr old cat from a shelter when she was two months old. As far as we know she never learned to play. We now have five more active…

ASKED BY Member 971242 on 2/15/14
TAGGED oldercat, play IN Socialization

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How can I stop my boyfriend's cat from peeing everywhere when I visit?

My boyfriend just adopted his parents' 13 year old cat about a week ago, and she was doing very well with the transition, until I came over to meet…

ASKED BY Member 1207738 on 1/5/14
TAGGED marking, oldercat, territorial IN Urine Marking & House Soiling

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New adopted cat still shows no sign of wanting affection. Any advice on how to warm her up?

I want to know how to make my cat more lovey. She barely even allows anyone to give her a gentle head scratch. I adopted her a little over two…

ASKED BY Member 1197505 on 11/3/13
TAGGED newkitten, kitten, cat, older, warmingup IN Socialization

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Cat sitting with his mouth open?

Sometimes my cat just sits there with his mouth wide open and stares at us. Sometimes after he does that he'll yawn, and sometimes he'll just lick his…

ASKED BY Member 1184893 on 8/9/13
TAGGED oldercat, yawning, mouthopen IN Health & Wellness

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I have a 7 y/o raggamuffin cat. She has food issues where if you leave food out, she will eat, yack, then eat some more?

This question is about introducing a younger dog to an older cat. I need some direction as to what to do to get them to possibly live together.

ASKED BY Member 1182344 on 7/25/13
TAGGED dogs, introduction, newhome, oldercat IN Behavior & Training

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Spraying cats?

I have 5 cats, 3 female, 2 male, ALL desexed, ages ranging from 8-10 years. I have an issue with a cat (or more?) spraying in strange places. One…

ASKED BY Member 1180974 on 7/18/13
TAGGED oldercats, spraying IN Urine Marking & House Soiling

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I have 2 female cats, one is 7 and the other is 13. I found a neutered male cat and was wondering if they would get alon?

What would be the best way to go about it.

ASKED BY Member 1159536 on 3/20/13
TAGGED olderfemalecatsmaleneutered IN Bringing Your Pet Home

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