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Recently got a dog & our two 8 year old cats stopped leaving our bedroom and stopped using litter, now peeing under beds?

We own a 2 bed raised rancher style home, and initially the dog was kept down in the basement family room until she matured. she is now being let…

ASKED BY Member 1151383 on 1/22/13
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Female, 12 year old cat living with 2 other males pees all over the house, and the boys are almost as bad-what can I do?

My family and I have 3 cats (2 males one female, aged 16, 12, and 12) living in our house and one who lives outside on our patio (female). We have…

ASKED BY Member 1119764 on 7/9/12
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My cat's tounge is hanging out?

My cat is 15 yrs, and she seems to be hanging her tounge out. She keeps doing this every other day. One day she might be doing it, next she is fine…

ASKED BY Member 1001762 on 8/24/10
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Ever since i got a kitten my 12yr old cat has started to stop eating and wants to be outside all the time. i don't know?

how long will it take for my two cats to get along? and is it too big an age difference to introduce a new kitten?

ASKED BY Member 777988 on 12/9/08
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Why is my cat biting herself all the time and leaving big sores?

i have a 4 yr old calico female cat and a 4 yr old grey tiger cat. the calico cat seems to get sores all over her body and head about this time of…

ASKED BY Member 650912 on 7/8/08
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My cats hate my new puppy. What can I do to make them more comfortable?

Three weeks ago we added a 7 week old puppy to our family. My 12 year old cats always got along great with our other two older dogs. We have not…

ASKED BY Member 565236 on 2/15/08
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