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Cat has missing hair, very needy, drinks a lot of water, is cold, pees a lot, wheezes & goes through cycles of vomiting?

He is 5 years old, came from the humane society missing his undercoat. I was told it was allergy to fleas, but he has been continually treated for…

ASKED BY Member 1253028 on 10/27/15
TAGGED vomiting, missinghair, cold, wheezes, peesalot IN Health & Wellness

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Moving/New Kitten Addition?

I have an 11 year old male shorthair who still has a lot of energy and loves to play. We adopted him from the shelter when he was 1 1/2 yrs old and…

ASKED BY Member 1248899 on 7/4/15
TAGGED moving, oldercat, newkitten IN Bringing Your Pet Home

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Introducing 2 female cats?

Greetings everyone, I have a 4 years old cat since 2 years. 2 weeks ago I adopted a 1 year old cat. I have followed Jackson Galaxy's method on…

ASKED BY Member 1244261 on 3/25/15
TAGGED newcat, oldcat, introduction IN Socialization

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Advice on Bonding my 1 yr old Cat and 2 New Kittens?

I have a 13mo neutered male cat and we are adopting two 6mo kittens (both fixed) and I'm starting to worry. Until now I've been excited, but the…

ASKED BY Member 1243128 on 3/1/15
TAGGED cats, kittens, newkittens, yearoldcat, twokittens IN Other Behavior & Training

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Is indoor cat food better than regular?

What I really need to know is a good dry cat food for my male cats 7 years old that I can afford to feed them all. They are my babies and I want…

ASKED BY Member 1242392 on 2/14/15
TAGGED dryfoodformymalecatsyearsold IN Food & Nutrition

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My dogs have given my cat psychogenic alopecia?

I have 3 cats who are 15 years old. They grew up with dogs from the time they were kittens, but there was about 3-4 years since the death of our…

ASKED BY Member 1242141 on 2/9/15
TAGGED alopecia, psychogenic, hairloss, fur, old, stress, psychological IN Other Health & Wellness

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Cat coughing up phlegm but always swallows it again. What can I do?

So, I recently took over as owner; he was my mother's cat. He had a bad cold/congestion for a couple years or more. He wouldn't get over it due to…

ASKED BY Member 1232274 on 2/7/15
TAGGED bacterialinfection, cold, coughing, phlegm IN Illness & Disease

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How can i relieve my cats flea allergy?

My cat has an allergy to flea saliva that she has had for years we recently switched to a cheaper spot on and it was a big mistake as it didn't work…

ASKED BY Member 1239773 on 12/29/14
TAGGED fleaallergycatold IN Health & Wellness

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