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Recently my cat has been sneezing a lot. I think she just has a cold (no discharge) Anyone have any home remedies?

I do not plan to see a vet because it does not seem that serious. I just feel bad for her so I want to help in some way.

ASKED BY Member 1215620 on 3/12/14
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Can you teach an older cat to play?

We adopted our 13 yr old cat from a shelter when she was two months old. As far as we know she never learned to play. We now have five more active…

ASKED BY Member 971242 on 2/15/14
TAGGED oldercat, play IN Socialization

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How little food is too little?

My little 4 month is sick with URI and lost his appetite. He eats 1.5 ounce wet plus tbs dry twice a day normally, but now will just about get 1/2…

ASKED BY Member 1211370 on 2/2/14
TAGGED foodfeedingsyringeinfectioncoldvirus IN Illness & Disease

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After recovering from a cold last month, kitten has caught a cold again! Please help?

Hi! One of the kittens at our home has caught a cold again! Actually all of them caught and recovered in 2 weeks. And this kitten was ok till…

ASKED BY Member 1209830 on 1/16/14
TAGGED cold, lossof, fur, runnynose, wateryeyes, kitten IN Health & Wellness

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How can I stop my boyfriend's cat from peeing everywhere when I visit?

My boyfriend just adopted his parents' 13 year old cat about a week ago, and she was doing very well with the transition, until I came over to meet…

ASKED BY Member 1207738 on 1/5/14
TAGGED marking, oldercat, territorial IN Urine Marking & House Soiling

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Cat is lethargic, slow-moving, ears down?

Last night one of my cats started making coughing noises. I thought she was just going to hack up a hair ball, but that never happened and she was…

ASKED BY Member 1205518 on 12/22/13
TAGGED lethargic, cold, slow, sick IN Health & Wellness

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My 13 year old cat shadow just started this yesterday?

she try's to go to the washroom and she stands in the peeing position and you can see her stomach flinching but nothing happens, the worst part is…

ASKED BY Member 1202143 on 11/30/13
TAGGED peeing, old, health, help IN Other Health & Wellness

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My kitten may have a cold, and I want to know if I can help with the symptoms. Any ideas?

My 3 month old kitten has cold symptoms. He's got a stuffy nose, gunky eyes, and he's sneezing. He's not wheezing, and has a strong appetite still…

ASKED BY Member 1201603 on 11/26/13
TAGGED cold, sneezing, eyeboogers, stuffynose, kitten IN Illness & Disease

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