Davy Jones

Im wondering if this is normal :)?

My kitten is a neat freak when it comes to eating... I know all cats like to keep themselves clean but this seems so silly to me. Davy will find the…

ASKED BY Davy Jones on 8/25/10
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Guest Member Since

My cat is super twitchy. she has been like this since the day i got her, and it seems like cat ocd?

she will twitch her back and ears constantly and go into licking spurts, then pounce away. this is different than her normal play, and i've owned…

ASKED BY Member 829742 on 4/24/09
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I recently adopted a cat from the humane society. They think he has ocd?

He has been on amitriptilin for two weeks and has soft paws on all nails. He is still making new sores on his face, ears and back. Should I speak to…

ASKED BY Member 640740 on 6/4/08
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Meenu Selanne

Kitty recently started scratching all over his litter box after 'going' not fixing the litter, he's scratching the box?

approx 3 years old - indoor kitty, not declawed, plenty of toys, toenails trimmed every few weeks, very happy & healthy kitty....with new litter box…

ASKED BY Meenu Selanne on 2/22/08
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