Luna Skye

My 21/2 yr old rescued kitty had been thru alot then she was fostered for 6 mos by a great foster family ....she lays ne?

How can I get hervto trust me more or enjoy being loved, held, petted or sit on my lap ..any kind of attention would be nice?!! Also why does she ONLY…

ASKED BY Luna Skye on 5/14/13
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My 4 month old cat loves to give me kisses. It's sweet, but it's driving me crazy?

I got Dax when he was 2 months old. At night he curls up on my chest and licks my face. If I move him he just comes back for more. When I turn my…

ASKED BY Dax on 6/9/09
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Recently bought my 3 yr old cat a few new toys, and she has become obsessed?

My Chloe is about 3 years old, and very independent and plays with her many 'mice' by herself. My boyfriend and I talk to her a lot, and comb her and…

ASKED BY Member 764150 on 11/6/08
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My cat, Tila, was abandoned by her mother and I bottle fed her. Now it's like she is obsessed with me?

She constantly is 'kissing' me. If I sit down she is right in my lap. She licks my face and won't stop. If my other animals come to get loved on…

ASKED BY Member 607249 on 9/19/08
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