What is a budget friendly grain free wet cat food, for a kitten about to move to an all wet diet?

Right now I am feeding my boys a mixture of Natural Balance Ultra Dry, and Natural Balance Ultra Wet cat food, due to some loose stool, I am looking…

ASKED BY Charles on 2/16/15
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Why wont my friend's 13 month old kitten eat her dry food?

My friend has a 13-month old kitten and she will not touch her dry food. My friend has to make her kitten a soupy-broth type mix and adds the dry food…

ASKED BY Mikko on 12/6/14
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What is the best food for my 6-week-old kitten?

I've been feeding Suzi 9 Lives Indoor Complete (dry food) simply because the previous owner whom I adopted her from had been feeding her this…

ASKED BY Suzi on 7/23/14
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Homemade food for cat that won't eat any cat food?

We rescued our cat from a resort beach where it ate a lot of food from the restaurants. When we brought him home, he wouldn't eat for 4 days until we…

ASKED BY Member 1218925 on 4/5/14
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Suggestions for healthy kitten food options?

Does anyone have a suggestion on a healthier dry food option? I have tried Blue Buffalo wilderness (kitten) and original (also kitten), and my…

ASKED BY Dash on 3/18/14
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My cat is always hungry, and will always eat! WHY?

My cat is 11 months old, I have had him since he was 8 weeks. He seems like he is ALWAYS hungry. It doesn't matter how much he has eaten or how…

ASKED BY Member 1214544 on 3/6/14
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How much should my cat weigh?

Hi! My cat is around 7 years old. Just figured out that the other cats in my house haven't been giving her a chance to eat food in the morning when my…

ASKED BY Member 1208757 on 1/10/14
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Kaylee & Amelia

How to get a kitten to eat consistently without hand feeding it?

Kaylee and Amelia, 5 1/2 month old sister kittens, early spays, although Kaylee is bigger while Amelia is skinny. I leave out two bowls of water and…

ASKED BY Kaylee & Amelia on 9/26/13
TAGGED kittens, picky, handfed, nutrition IN Kittens

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