I found a stray nursing cat but no babies. Any tips to find her babies?

I found a cat last week in my drive way. She appears under one year old. I called her over, she is very affectionate. I fed her, she was so hungry…

ASKED BY Sadie on 7/31/15
TAGGED kittens, stray, nursing, lost IN Kittens

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Is there a way to prevent the Mother's milk from drying up due to Amoxicillin?

Is there a way to prevent the Mother's milk from drying up due to Amoxicillin? I took in an extremely friendly and loving stray yesterday after…

ASKED BY Member 1248911 on 7/4/15
TAGGED kittens, milk, mothersmilk, catsmilk, nursing IN Food & Nutrition

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My 9 month old kitten is still trying to suckle from mum. She doesn't seem to have any problem with it and grooms her?

I have three cats 2 female kittens and the mother of both. One kitten is totally independent while the other continues to try and suckle at 9 months…

ASKED BY Member 1248374 on 6/20/15
TAGGED suckling, nursing, kittens IN Kittens

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Nursing cat tolerates ferret. Why?

My cat normally hates my ferret. Now that she's nursing kittens she tolerates him. She even lets him crawl on top of her and her kittens (even while…

ASKED BY Member 1245016 on 4/11/15
TAGGED cat, mom, mother, kittens, love, ferret, tolerate, nursing IN Other Behavior & Training

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Will a lactating queen pink up?

I adopted a young female cat one week ago. She had kittens 6 weeks before I adopted her and was lactating when she moved in with me. (Her kittens were…

ASKED BY Member 1219319 on 3/31/14
TAGGED nursing, pregnancy, pinking IN Kittens

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Kitten wont bottle feed?

HI Please help, my kittens were born 2 days ago. there are 3 2 are nursing, one is kind of over taking and has gained weight, the other has lost but…

ASKED BY Member 1211901 on 2/18/14
TAGGED kittens, bottlefeed, latching, nursing IN Kittens


Can mother cats sense mental problems as well as physical illnesses?

My cat Frootloops was born into a litter with 2 other kittens, both male (she's female). Her mother was a very friendly, sweet cat, but for some…

ASKED BY Frootloops on 12/12/13
TAGGED nursing, mothers, queens, kittens, abandonment, mental, problems IN Illness & Disease

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I have mother cat who is still nursing her kittens at 12 weeks. We want to spay her. Should we wait?Can it be done now?

This is her first litter and she is a very attentive mom. She nurses two to three times a day. Our concern is that if we spay her now is that the…

ASKED BY Member 971242 on 12/3/13
TAGGED nursing, spayingandneutering IN Spaying & Neutering

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