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My cat has a weird spot?

My girl cat has a little spot in her belly about 3 inches down right under her arm. It looked like a little bead that's black and it is raised above…

ASKED BY Member 1199253 on 11/13/13
TAGGED weirdspot, nipple IN Health & Wellness

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My cat recently gave birth to kittens this morning I noticed one of her nipples has a white tip is this built up milk? I?

She does not seem to be bothered if one of the kittens goes near it or if I touch it nothing seemed to come out of it either.

ASKED BY Member 1176451 on 6/21/13
TAGGED cat, nurseing, nipple, infection IN Health & Wellness

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My cat, about 10 years old, has had a swollen nipple for about 4/5 years, my mum wont take her to the vet, what do i do?

my mum wont take her due to the cost of getting her checked out and the fact that it doesn't seem to bother her and that it hasn't changed shape since…

ASKED BY Member 1041450 on 7/18/11
TAGGED swollen, nipple, vet, pain, cancer IN Health & Wellness

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My cat is losing hair on the head and ankles area and skin turgor appears to be out of normal?

- She gave birth about 2 months ago. Hair losing began about a month ago or so. - Her skin turgor seems a bit odd to me. Skin won't return to normal…

ASKED BY Member 989744 on 6/1/10
TAGGED shedding, hairloss, atrophied, turgor, skin, afterbirth, nipples IN Shedding

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Is it normal for a cats nipples to swell 3-4 weeks after being spayed?

she is acting and eating normally just nipples are pink and tissue is alittle puffy around them.

ASKED BY Member 962387 on 2/10/10
TAGGED spayedcatswelleingnipples IN Spaying & Neutering

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Stray cat has very dry nipples after giving birth, are they suppose to swell or are they just regular unswollen nipples?

I've just taken in a stray cat who was pregnant and just gave birth lastnight. It is now 24 hrs. since she had 5 kittens. Is her nipples suppose to…

ASKED BY Member 828589 on 4/20/09
TAGGED drynipples, kittens, pregnancy, lackofmilk IN Health & Safety


I just noticed that two of my cats nipples have black dry crust around them and one nipple looks like it fell off! HELP?

My 2 year old neutered Himmy male has 6 nipples. Two of them look very dry with (what looks like) tiny spots of dry blood around them. Other 3…

ASKED BY Charlie on 2/2/09
TAGGED nipple, nipples, crusty, crust, felloff, fallingoff, dryblood, dry, skin, hole IN Skin Problems

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