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My cat has started to behave strangely at night. Any guesses as to what's going on?

We don't have a cat flap in use at the moment (thanks to a stray getting in) so my cat has to claw at the door to be let out. The system works well…

ASKED BY Member 1243124 on 3/1/15
TAGGED nighttime, attention, outdoor IN Other Behavior & Training

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Why does my kitten suddenly bite my face at night?

I've always had dogs, but just rescued a kitten this summer. Been trying to learn as much as possible because, initially, she was kind of a terror and…

ASKED BY Member 1235361 on 10/8/14
TAGGED biting, nighttime, kitten, rescue, socialization IN Other Behavior & Training


Two of my feline babies,have a unique habit.They like to lick MY tongue.WHY?

Kevin was found at a VERY young age! As a result,I spent a lot of bonding time with him.He was very afraid,and spent EVERY moment with me! Part of…

ASKED BY Kevin on 10/21/12
TAGGED oral, fixation, aggressive, nighttime IN Behavior & Training

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My six year old cat won't let me sleep at night. HELP?

My boyfriend and I just moved in together and six year old tabby cat Simon came, too. We've actually had a pretty traumatic move, as we had to move…

ASKED BY Member 1132261 on 9/24/12
TAGGED nighttimeroutine, training, sleep, meowing, scratching, strangebehavior IN Behavior & Training

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Why does my cat cry so much at night and in the early morning?

We both work full-time, and have done so since we first had her. We do try to play with her and give her lots of attention in the evening to make sure…

ASKED BY Member 871456 on 9/13/11
TAGGED crying, night, nighttime IN Behavior & Training


My Zane has taken to yowling in the wee hours of the morning. I'm not getting enough sleep. What can I do?

He doesn't want to play. He has food. He doesn't want to be petted or cuddled. The vet says that there's nothing wrong with him medically.

ASKED BY Zane on 11/15/10
TAGGED noiseyowlingnighttimebehavior IN Behavior & Training

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How can I keep this cat off my face until I want to wake up?

We have a five-month-old kitten who every morning (anytime between 12am and 7am) comes in to wake me up by snuggling my face. This would be…

ASKED BY Member 938752 on 1/16/10
TAGGED nighttime, biting, pouncing IN Methods of Training

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