How do I get Tibby to stop biting me in my sleep?

Tibby is new to my home and he lives with my brother and I. I keep him in my room overnight because I fear my brother will leave one of the doors open…

ASKED BY Tibby on 5/18/14
TAGGED biting, night, sleep, play, fiv IN Behavior & Training

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My cat suddenly turns aggresive every night and will even bite my family and I. Please help I'm worried about him?

I've had my cat ever since he was 2 weeks old. He's been sweet to everyone in my family, especially my brother and my dad. He's one year old now and…

ASKED BY Member 1217434 on 3/22/14
TAGGED aggressiveatnight, personalityswitch, personalitychanges IN Aggression


Since daylight savings, we have had a hard time dealing with our cat in the early hours - normally 2-5am?

My 16 month old male DSH has never given us any problems with sleeping before. In September, he got very sick and we had to elect to go ahead with a…

ASKED BY Eames on 12/5/13
TAGGED night, loud, sleep, changes, behavior IN Other Behavior & Training

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Is my cat peeing on my bed because I don't give him on the spot attention?

My cat Bobo is about 6 months old and is neutered. Recently he has started peeing on my bed. Within the past month, he has peed on the bed three times…

ASKED BY Member 1200977 on 11/23/13
TAGGED peeing, bed, pee, pees, at, night, lack, of, attention IN Urine Marking & House Soiling

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How do I get my adult cat to stop sleeping on my bed? She's slept in it for 2+ years & needs to stop (see details)?

I adopted my cat about 2 years ago. As I live alone and have no cat allergies, I've let her sleep next to me at night. This has proven to be difficult…

ASKED BY Member 1196532 on 10/28/13
TAGGED sleeping, night, boyfriend, allergic IN Other Behavior & Training


Why is my cat having nightmares?

My cat has been shaking and kicking like crazy when he sleeps for the past two weeks, and I'm thinking it's because of my boyfriend, but just wanted…

ASKED BY Kito on 9/9/13
TAGGED sleep, nightmares, playing, rough, kicking, shaking IN Other Behavior & Training

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Why is my cat having nightmares and how can I stop it?

I read that cats dreams reflect what happens when they're awake in the day. My cat(Kito: 7months old) has been having violent nightmares for the…

ASKED BY Member 1188162 on 9/2/13
TAGGED sleep, nightmares, dreams, kicking, shaking IN Other Behavior & Training


Help! Cat scratches on bedroom door all night?

I recently moved in with my boyfriend, who unfortunately has cat allergies. Most websites we found advised that people with allergies should not allow…

ASKED BY Virgil on 7/11/13
TAGGED crying, scratching, night, restless IN Noisiness

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