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I'm worried about my cat going outside.... We recently moved and I'm scared he will get lost?

He used to go out all the time at my moms, and he would always come home. Always. But now that we're at this new apartment, he wants to go out, it's…

ASKED BY Member 1221818 1 week ago
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I'm moving my cats into my college dorm, it's small but I don't have a roommate. Is a dorm big enough for two cats?

I got Kourmai and Clementine at the same time a little over a year ago, now that I'm in college I miss them a lot; so i got permission to move them…

ASKED BY Member 1193822 on 10/10/13
TAGGED collegekitties, newhome, smalllivingquarters IN Other Health & Wellness

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I have a 7 y/o raggamuffin cat. She has food issues where if you leave food out, she will eat, yack, then eat some more?

This question is about introducing a younger dog to an older cat. I need some direction as to what to do to get them to possibly live together.

ASKED BY Member 1182344 on 7/25/13
TAGGED dogs, introduction, newhome, oldercat IN Behavior & Training


How do I get a 15 month old Bengal recently adopted used to our 1 year old baby girl?

Cleo came from a breeder who was a single female, Cleo is getting used to my older child but not the baby or my partner she seems to be scared of both…

ASKED BY Cleo on 10/24/12
TAGGED bengal, adjusting, newhome IN Behavior & Training

Azalea Salazar

I need someone to give our cat a can I go about having someone take her?

I need someone to take a cat from me. We have had her for the past 2 years. We were asked to take care of her for until the person got better but the…

ASKED BY Azalea Salazar on 9/13/12
TAGGED adoptionrescuenewhomecatyearsoldlolita IN Other Adoption & Rescue

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How is an older cat going to react to moving into a new place and separation of a sibling?

Ive had my cats for well about 10 years n he (kitto) has a sibling (kuma) but now I'm moving out alone n taking him(kitto) because he's closer…

ASKED BY Member 1128810 on 9/1/12
TAGGED separation, grief, newhomesameownerforonecat IN The Catster Website


How to help our cat adjust to a new house where two other cats used to live?

My male siamese has been neutered, but I'm still afraid he might spray in our new home, because two other cats used to live there.

ASKED BY Yoyo on 8/4/12
TAGGED newhome, spraying, othercats IN Behavior & Training

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Ive just adopted a 5 month old cat but hes spent the whole time under the bed?

what can i do to make him feel more comfortable and settled and also will he be like this all his life now? thank you

ASKED BY Member 1049322 on 8/27/11
TAGGED newhome, adopted, behavior IN Separation Anxiety

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