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Can't find my cat that is in labor but I found one of the kittens?

My year old cat is pregnant and she gave birth to a kitten and didn't chew is placenta off. I found the kitten with my male cat just in the middle…

ASKED BY Member 1181048 on 7/18/13
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Momo (1/2/08 - 8/3/11)

Transporting newborn kittens?

Hi everyone, I responded to an ad where someone is seeking an immediate home for her momma cat & newborn kittens because they are moving. I'd…

ASKED BY Momo (1/2/08 - 8/3/11) on 5/5/11
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How to get week-olds kitten to poop?

My mother already tickles the front and back, but she says they'll only pee. She says they could die if they don't get you-know-what... Don't ask…

ASKED BY Member 1004706 on 9/18/10
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One week old kitten; think there may be more, but MommyCat had just moved this one, which we rescued?

Has been over 16 yrs, since I raised a baby this small . She suckles the soft skin on the inside of my thumb/forefinger, so I just dab a little Kitten…

ASKED BY Patches on 10/22/09
TAGGED newbornkittens IN Fostering a Pet

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My indoor/outdoor cat had her kittens in a bedroom I use mostly for storage. When would it be safe to move them?

This was feral cat, but I tamed her enough to come in the house to eat. When it was very cold she stayed in at night.(with no accidents) My guess is…

ASKED BY Member 823150 on 4/5/09
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Why did she move them?

Okay, so I will get pictures up soon, but a stray cat I took in over the winter ended up getting pregnant on one of her adventures outside, fast…

ASKED BY Member 821563 on 3/31/09
TAGGED kittensmoved, newbornkittens IN Behavior & Training

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