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Female Cat Licked Incision?

Hey, guys. I have a 6 month old female cat that was spayed 6 days ago. I was given an E-collar and have been using it as recommended. However, I…

ASKED BY Member 1249225 on 11/15/15
TAGGED spay, cat, kitten, incision, operation, vets, licking, infection, ecollar, male, neutering, injection IN Spaying & Neutering

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I had my cat and her kitten daughter spayed yesterday. Mom is lethargic. Is this normal?

Both my one-and-a-half year old mom and her kitten were spayed yesterday. Mom is lethargic and in pain, but is drinking water,and is eating very…

ASKED BY Member 971242 on 1/9/14
TAGGED pain, spayingandneutering IN Spaying & Neutering

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Me and my mom are going in for a spay tommorrow. Can you reassure my dad that we won't get sick?

The vet told him that they can't eat the night before the surgery. Trouble is that we have six cats in the house and it is hard to control what any of…

ASKED BY Member 971242 on 1/7/14
TAGGED food, spayingandneutering IN Spaying & Neutering

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I have mother cat who is still nursing her kittens at 12 weeks. We want to spay her. Should we wait?Can it be done now?

This is her first litter and she is a very attentive mom. She nurses two to three times a day. Our concern is that if we spay her now is that the…

ASKED BY Member 971242 on 12/3/13
TAGGED nursing, spayingandneutering IN Spaying & Neutering


5 month old kitten attaching me? How do I get him to stop?

Milan is 5 months old and started attacking me a week ago. He is scheduled to be neutered in 2 weeks. He has always been playful but I am not so…

ASKED BY Milan on 10/7/13
TAGGED attacking, puberty, neutering IN Aggression


Preventing male attacks on unneutered male?

So, the last question I asked was answered and I was happy with it but here's another question towards the same point. Long story short - my kitten…

ASKED BY Yuki on 10/6/13
TAGGED unneutered, cats, male, kitten, attacks, attack, yuki, as, soon, possible, neutering, male, female, mate, hurt, injuries, owner, breed, yuki, outdoors, street IN Health & Safety


My Kitten is Acting Crazy After Being Neutered?

My kitty, Parker, was neutered on Wednesday morning around 8am. Everything went smoothly, and we picked him up the same day at 6pm. That night he…

ASKED BY Parker on 2/8/13
TAGGED neuter, neutering, crazy, kitten IN Health & Wellness


Neutered today, now splashes his water everywhere?

So my dear little Gatsby got neutered this morning and now it's the evening and he has taken to splashing every last drop of water out of his drinking…

ASKED BY Gatsby on 2/5/13
TAGGED neutering, water, behaviour, neuter, neutered, kitten, splash IN Health & Safety

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