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Adopted 3 year old cat ALWAYS hides?

Hello! This is my first time on this website. I have a 3 year old tortoiseshell calico mix. Her previous owner was neglectful, wouldn't come…

ASKED BY Member 1215586 on 3/12/14
TAGGED hiding, moving, adoption, neglect IN Behavior & Training

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How to deal with a neighbour's careless pet ownership. Call SPCA or mind my own business?

Our neighbours got a kitten around the same time we did. Ours was 8 weeks old when she arrived and theirs (male) appeared to be about 5 or 6 weeks…

ASKED BY Member 1174920 on 7/25/13
TAGGED neglect, medicine, veterinarycare IN Animal Welfare

Tonks and Mac

Help! I think my cat is stress eating?

We have 2 cats, Tonks, who is 16.2 lb and Mac who is 10.8. Mac and Tonks are brothers and have been together since birth, they are on a scheduled…

ASKED BY Tonks and Mac on 7/10/13
TAGGED puppy, stress, over, eating, too, much, cat, food, dog, neglected, worried, fearful, scared, siamese, exercise, fat, obese, weight, large IN Obesity


How can I tell if this kitten is being neglected?

My laundromat on the corner recently acquired a kitten. I saw it today while doing laundry and I'm concerned. It looks like it should be nearly an…

ASKED BY Rook on 5/30/11
TAGGED kitten, neglect, rescue IN Adoption & Rescue

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A neighbor's cat has been spending almost 100% of his time in my backyard. The cat is very skinny, constantly yowling, a?

A neighbor's cat has been spending almost 100% of his time in my backyard. The cat is very skinny, constantly yowling, and seemingly starved for…

ASKED BY Member 997469 on 7/19/10
TAGGED neglectedcat, neighbor, mange, help IN Shelters & Rescue

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How can I help my shelter kitty (with issues and a bad past) adjust?

I volunteer at the local animal shelter & fell in love with a kitty there that I felt I needed to give a good home. His name is Finn & he is 1-2 y/o…

ASKED BY Member 993862 on 6/23/10
TAGGED shelter, fear, mainecoon, boy, young, abuse, neglect, swatting, hissing, hiding IN Socialization

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The cat from next door stays at my back door all night scaring my cat from coming home. Any help?

The cat from next door is not vicious and looks really lonely. My cat hates her and is terrified to come home at night, sometimes hiding out in…

ASKED BY Member 979147 on 4/1/10
TAGGED othercats, night, scared, neglected IN Socialization

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My cat used to be a mommy's girl. Now she seems to dislike being around me. Why, and how can I change this?

My cat is a 1 1/2 year old Egyptian Mau/Tabby mix. Her name is N, and I've had her since she was a small kitten. Ever since I adopted her, she's…

ASKED BY Member 934550 on 12/31/09
TAGGED anxiety, fear, neglect IN Methods of Training

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