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How do I stop my cat from waking me up 3 times a night?

My 3 year old male/neutered cat was put on a diet by his Vet 6 months ago for UTIs and Weight Management. For the last 3 months, he has done…

ASKED BY Member 1232144 on 8/17/14
TAGGED sleep, whining, crying, needy IN Behavior & Training


Why is there no Catster app for Android/IOS?

This would be brilliant. Being able to read Catster articles on the go would be ideal. This needs to happen.

ASKED BY Obi on 2/11/14
TAGGED app, catster, android, ios, need, want, brilliant IN Other

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I have a six month old blind cat and have been having a really hard time litter training her?

She uses the litter box sometimes but usually does her business on my floor. I use a litter called Cat Attracts that suppose to help her find the…

ASKED BY Member 1208811 on 1/10/14
TAGGED litter, litterbox, blind, blindcat, specialneeds, training IN Urine Marking & House Soiling

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How do I get over the guilt of having my cat put down.…

My cat (we think 16 or 17) has had problems for the last year or so with bowel control. We watched him for any signs of discomfort but he continued…

ASKED BY Member 1194272 on 10/13/13
TAGGED grief, loss, sadness, death, euthanasia, petloss, needhelp IN Health & Wellness

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All you need about cats?

All the products you need for cats as possible I find you just sent a message entitled subjectproplem with my cat massege me…

ASKED BY Member 1188836 on 9/6/13
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My kitten has green stuff out of nose and eyes (after sleeping) also is not pooing everyday, and is sneezing and sleeps?

have a 8 week old kitten I've had her for 6 days now when I had her from the owner she was fine (no sneezing nothing in eyes or coming out of the…

ASKED BY Member 1172841 on 5/30/13
TAGGED sickneedhelpgreengunk IN Health & Safety

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I am trying to find a home for an orange and white tabby that is my MIL's, causing havoc with our animals?

We have my MIL's kitty that is about 10 yrs old since she's been moved into a nursing home...unfortunately the change hasn't stuck for our family…

ASKED BY Member 1171905 on 5/24/13
TAGGED tabby, needshome, lover, litterboxtrained IN Adoption & Rescue

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Advice on Taking Care of Newborn Runt Kitten?

In need of some advice! My family has just had a mama cat (her first litter) give birth yesterday to a litter of 8 kittens. All the kitten are very…

ASKED BY Member 1170108 on 5/13/13
TAGGED runt, kittens, advice, help, specialneeds, kitten IN Kittens

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