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What's less stressful a situation for a cat for 2 weeks, sharing a space with another cat, or being alone 23 hours a day?

So context, if anyone is willing to read in case in may help/since the 120 character version makes me sound a bit crappy: We used to be catless…

ASKED BY Member 1247626 on 6/5/15
TAGGED satisfaction, happiness, multiplecats, tips, behavior, psychology, stress IN Behavior & Training

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My two cats won't play together?

Hello, I have two cats Jinx and Izzy. Jinx is a year and a half old, Izzy is about 7 months. Jinx is fixed and Izzy will be in the end of December…

ASKED BY Member 1200717 on 11/21/13
TAGGED social, multiplecats, kitten, toys, play, anxiety IN Socialization

blue bear

Blue bear and his litterbox problem?

my cat blue has a litterbox problem. he goes to the litterbox, but he won't squat.. he just stands and pee goes everywhere. he has never been the best…

ASKED BY blue bear on 10/27/13
TAGGED litterbox, confusion, declawed, neutored, multiplecats IN Urine Marking & House Soiling

(miss) sebastian

How does one go about moving multiple cats cross country?

my cousin's family is moving from the jersey shore to vegas, sometime in the near future. (house is purchased there, just need to sell the current…

ASKED BY (miss) sebastian on 2/25/13
TAGGED longmoves, multiplecats, moving, travel, cats, dogs IN Travel & Recreation

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How much water to give cats?

I have three kittens and a 1-year old cat. I have been leaving out an oversized bowl of water for them every day (and refill it 1-2 times per day…

ASKED BY Member 1140346 on 1/11/13
TAGGED water, multiplecats IN Other Food & Nutrition

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Is it possible to have 2 cats use just 1 litter?

Simon (new cat) 6 year old male cat, fixed. Waiting for previous owner to get back to me about vet records though I was told when I got him he was UTD…

ASKED BY Member 1145157 on 12/14/12
TAGGED litterboxmultiplecats IN Behavior & Training

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Multi-cat household questions?

Are there any sites or tips for multi-cat households? I recently adopted a few babies from a shelter and although I've always owned cats, I'm…

ASKED BY Member 1140346 on 12/7/12
TAGGED multiplecats, multicat, bowl, bed IN Pet Products

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