Feline Leukemia Drama?

We're a family of 5 beautiful cats. We adopted them 1 by 1 through a period of 8 years. Ace, the youngest, is around 3-4 years old. He came from an…

ASKED BY Gris,Kira&Lucy on 7/24/13
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Princess Tie Dye Pretty Pretty

My brother is a bully! Mom needs help teaching him table manners?

Rumble and I were very hungry when Mom found us, but even though Mom takes great care of us, Rumble had to go live with friends because he couldn't…

ASKED BY Princess Tie Dye Pretty Pretty on 3/22/10
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Guest Member Since

I have 4 declawed/altered cats and am thinking of adopting a stray, Must I declaw him as well?

In order to have the first cats in our rental home they were required to be declawed/altered. I reluctantly had them declawed. Now we are wanting to…

ASKED BY Member 775797 on 12/2/08
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